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One of WSE’s goals is to “Develop and Promote Common Standards.” The Professional Competency Profile for Credential Evaluators (PCP) and the Guide to Credential Evaluation (‘Guide’) represent important statements regarding our profession and are the result of two years of dedicated work by the WSE Committee for Standards. The Board would like to thank Sarah Ledwidge, Emily Tse, Margaret Wenger, and Rolf Lofstad (Chair) for their hard work in helping WSE to accomplish this important organizational goal.

The PCP is intended to be a defining document for our profession – it outlines what we believe to be the key characteristics, qualifications, and role of Evaluators and Senior Evaluators. The ‘Guide’ represents a common framework for evaluating credentials that should be a standard for evaluators whether they work in an agency or institutional setting. Both the PCP and Guide are ‘living’ documents’ that will be refined and updated over time as the nature of our work as international credential evaluators evolves.

WSE is, and will continue to be, focused on the development of professional standards in international credential evaluation and the professional development of those who do this important work.