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About evaluation storage

Educational Evaluation And Permanent Storage Solutions

What is evaluation storage?

The assessment storage includes two services: Assessment and Blockchain Storage.

Assessment: You can choose a general assessment or immigration assessment according to your actual needs. The assessment is an assessment of your academic information through WSE, and an assessment report and WSE assessment report will be formed for your different needs.

Blockchain Storage: To ensure data security, WSE uses blockchain storage technology for data storage and permanently stores your information. Stored on the blockchain. After WSE warehousing service, you will receive a series of assessment materials, such as WSE assessment report and WSE assessment transcript, which will have a very important impact on your future overseas or employment in Canada.

Sample Evaluation Book

WSE Assessment Report Card

What is the use of evaluation storage?

The evaluation storage application will evaluate your data. The evaluation report and WSE evaluation report you receive will play an important role in many scenarios such as your study, work, life, etc.

Evaluation storage In addition to "degree evaluation", WSE uses blockchain storage technology to store your data on the blockchain, so that your data will have the following benefits:

Keep forever

Not tamperable

Absolutely safe


Storage transparency

Storage assessment application process

If you are ready to apply for the evaluation storage service, you can follow the steps below to apply


Register a WSE account

If you don’t have a WSE account yet, you need to go to the registration page to apply for anaccount .

If you already have a WSE account, you can ignore this step


Find the service application page to submit information

If you have already registered a WSE account and successfully logged in, you can go to the application page to fill in the information and submit information according to the prompts


We accept your information for evaluation

After you fill in all the information and submit all the information, we will evaluate your information in about 5 working days. Of course, if the information you submitted is not true, we will not evaluate your information


We will send you the evaluation result file

After we verify that your information has no problems and make a successful evaluation, we will notify you by email and mail the documents to your home


Store your information file

After you have successfully received the assessment document and confirmed that it is correct, we will store your information and information in the blockchain, this process will take a while