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world storage education


Storage Education Digital Certificate Application Scenarios










What Is A Digital Certificate

Blockchain technology can be leveraged to issue digital certificates that are immutable and can be saved as public records. These records can be anytime endorsed and validated without the fear of being tampered by involved entities.

Create digital certificates for a roster of recipients
Issue the certificates on the blockchain
Cryptographically sign the certificates
Digital certificates built on a blockchain hold significant advantages over the traditional soft copies. Here are the advantages –

Blockchain-enabled digital certificates are immutable and cannot be forged

Since the records are stored in a shared distributed ledger, the certificate can still be validated even if the organization that had issued it no longer exists

The records are stored on a distributed ledger, hence certificates can be only evaluated by anyone who has access to the blockchain

The digital certificates stored in the ledger can only be destroyed if all the copies in every system are destroyed

Blockchain Storage Education Will Replace Paper Diplomas

It has always been a serious concern for the educational institutions around the world how to carefully preserve the paper-based school certificates, degrees, diplomas, and other course certificates of the students who pass out every year. These sensitive documents are always prone to get lost over time.

Blockchain could be the ultimate solution to securely preserve these mammoth-sized documents in a distributed ledger. Once put in the blockchain, the information about a student’s grades and the courses will neither get lost nor tampered. It is also nearly impossible to alter or falsify the information.

Blockchain Storage Education Makes Credentials More Credible

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Computing local hash [DONE]

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Fetching remote hash [DONE]

Step 3 of 5

Comparing local and remote hashes

Step 4 of 5

Checking merkle root [DONE]

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Checking receipt [DONE]


Public Key


Blockchain Address


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