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Preparation for Your Stay

Careful planning is one thing that you will have to do in order to make you time abroad a success. With so much to plan, you need to start early and use a timetable in which to do things. As with your application process to select a school you need to make a list with everything you will need to make your time abroad easier.

Before you leave your country, you will need to plan for the following:

Student Visa

Your student visa is extremely important for your studies in the USA. Among other things, the type of visa you are issued will determine whether you have the option to work in the United States while you are at school. Learn More

Health Care

The US health care system is the most advanced, and the most complex in the world - our health care advice center will provide you with information about how to use the system. Learn More


Keeping in touch and staying connected to friends and families around the world is important so that you do not feel cut off - learn about ways you can keep in touch and call people around the world. Learn More

Travel Arrangements

You will need to make sure you have some temporary accommodations and plan ahead for when you first get to the USA. Learn More

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