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Introduction to French Education System

2018-11-15 15:32:22
Log in to WSE

If you canot get an online certification report here Please go to apply for a full account

Go to "Data Transfer"

Choose the transmission method of "Institution-University Data Transmission" or "Mailbox Data Transmission"

Institution/University Data Transmission

Select transmission agency

The data will be transferred to the organization you choose, please choose carefully.

Verify the accuracy of transmitted data

Preview and transfer data and target organization.

Transfer application completed

Wait for the transmission result (about 5-7 working days to complete the entire institution/university transmission).

Email Data Transmission

Fill in the data transmission acceptance mailbox

The data will be sent to this mailbox, please fill in carefully.

Verify the accuracy of transmitted data

Preview and confirm the transmission data and fill in the mailbox.

Transfer application completed

Waiting for the transmission result (about 24h working days to complete the entire mailbox transmission).

Go to “International Cooperative Application” under “WSE” to send reports to your applied institution. Send Report

(Flowchart of Cooperative Application)

Firstly complete the online application according to WSE’s requirement. Then follow the instructions below to apply for verification report(s) and submit to international institution through the WSE Portal Service.


    If you do not have a WSE account yet, you need to go to the registration page to apply for an account. If you already have a WSE account, you can ignore this step.

    Go to registers
  2. STEP 2:Find the service application page to submit the information

    If you have already registered your WSE account and successfully logged in, you can go to the application page to fill in the information and submit the information as prompted.

    Go to register
  3. STEP 3:We accept your information for evaluation

    After you fill in all the information and submit all the information, we will evaluate your information in about 5 working days. Of course, if the information you submit is not true, we will not evaluate your information.

  4. STEP 4:We will send you the assessment result file

    After we have verified your information without problems and successfully made an assessment, we will notify you by email and mail the documents to your home.

  5. STEP 5:Store your information file

    After you have successfully received the evaluation document and confirmed that it is correct, we will store your information and data in the blockchain. This process will take a while.

Contact: 416-526-2352