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US Jewish Colleges and Universities

Many international students come to the United States in hope of studying at a Jewish university. Jewish universities and colleges in the US do an excellent job of educating those students who want an education immersed in their religion. There are several great Jewish universities in America that educate some of the best Jewish (and in some cases, non-Jewish) students.

Why Study at a Jewish University?

The main reason international students choose Jewish universities in America are to continue with their education while also remaining devoted to their faith. Jewish students often spend their college years not just studying their desired major, but also taking the time to grow deeper in their beliefs while understanding the Jewish religion in historical contexts. Jewish universities in America are also renowned for their acceptance and training of Jewish students from around the world. Judaism is practiced around the globe, and students from every corner of the earth come to the US in search of spiritual and professional education. For this reason, Jewish colleges are very attractive to international students.

What Do Jewish Universities and Colleges Stand For?

Jewish universities seek to educate Jewish students in both a certain subject as well as the Jewish faith. Most Jewish universities have many different educational departments, but one of the most popular is the seminary school. Jewish universities prepare future Rabbis and clergymen for community service by instructing students on the history of Judaism, scripture, counseling, and contemporary issues in Jewish society. Most Jewish leaders and Rabbis get their start by studying at a Jewish university. International students will be challenged by some of the best educational institutions in the nation. Strong education is the cornerstone of these Jewish institutions. One of the strongest features of Jewish universities is their strong commitment to integrity. Each university has an academic integrity policy that all students must abide by. This policy holds students accountable to the traditional values of both Judaism and the western world. Students must refrain from cheating or plagiarism. This rule makes students accountable and responsible for their own work. Students must also seek to be honest in their pursuit of education while spreading wisdom. Lastly, the goal of their education is to contribute and advance the Jewish community.

Expectations of a Jewish University in America

One of the major expectations an international student should have when studying at a Jewish university is to retain a better understanding of the Jewish scripture, the Torah. While students can expect to study any subject or major that their university offers, they should expect to dive deeper into the readings and teachings of the Torah. In addition, students can expect to take classes pertaining to Jewish heritage and the strong tradition of Jewish resilience. Students will also learn about modern Judaism and how the faith plays a role in current society. Most Jewish institutions are smaller, tight-knit private institutions who focus on education and faith more than any other facet of college. Academic programs at these colleges reflect those of many different universities with majors like: Biology and Natural Sciences, Business and Accounting, History, Math, and Humanities and Social Sciences. Jewish universities also seek to provide Jewish learning outside of the classroom by stimulating community involvement and playing roles as young adults in the Jewish community.

Top Jewish Universities in America

There are several great Jewish Universities and Colleges in the US. Of these one of most well-known is Yeshiva University . Located in the heart of New York City, Yeshiva offers some of the most challenging academic courses and programs in the United States. Besides rigorous academic classes, students study the Torah at every level while examining the moral, spiritual and ethical principles that make up there faith. Yeshiva is home to both a top ranked medical and law school on New York. Its challenging curriculum affords students the preparation for graduate education. The school’s mission is combine strong academics with thorough teachings of the Jewish scripture, to both stimulate a student’s mind and spirit. International students interested in studying at a Jewish University will not be disappointed in the rich education and history provided.

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