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US Jesuit Schools

International students from all over the globe seek to enroll in Jesuit universities and colleges in the US. These Jesuit colleges in the USA provide top notch education to students looking to advance both their faith and their academics. Jesuit universities in the USA seek to educate the next generation of collegiate students and scholars.

Jesuit Education

Jesuit education is all about intellectual and critical thinking, the advancement of faith, as well as service and leadership. Jesuit colleges are private institutions that have deeply rooted faith; all of these colleges share the same mission and heritage. Like most private religious colleges, Jesuit universities in America teach a liberal arts curriculum with challenging academics. These rigorous academic standings are enforced by top notch professors. Jesuit universities in America follow the teachings of the Society of Jesus, and were some of the first catholic schools built in America. Catholic teachings have much influence in Jesuit schools, with values like justice and equality leading many of morals taught. The most important value, service, is what guides most Jesuit universities. Jesuit colleges in America seek to turn both men and women into servants of their community, preparing them for a life of leadership and devotion to their community and their religion. While not all students are expected to practice the Jesuit religion, they all are expected to follow the basic teachings that are justice, honesty, and a love for mankind. Another value of the Jesuit education is the care of the whole person - the body, mind and spirit. These values are what Jesuit universities are built on. Though education is the main fixture for Jesuit universities, improving the human experience is a very important function. Jesuit colleges in America have educated international students and domestic students alike for decades. While these universities have made their names from exceptional undergraduate education, they also have some of the best graduate and professional schools in the nation.

The Association of Jesuits Colleges and Universities in America

There are some 28 Jesuit College and Universities spread in 18 different states which enroll some 220,000 students and international students. These Jesuit colleges in the US all collaborate with one another through the Association of Jesuits Colleges and Universities (AJCU). The AJCU is an organization that’s purpose is to continue the advancement of Jesuit education while improving the cooperation between member schools. The AJCU continually develops leadership conferences to develop the best faculty and staff in these institutions.

Top Jesuit Universities in America

Not only are the Jesuit Colleges in America some of the best private and religious universities in the nation, they contain some of the most prestigious academic institutions in the country and world. Georgetown University , located in Washington DC, is one of the hardest colleges to gain admission to and also has some of the best academic programs in the world. In fact, Georgetown was the first Jesuit College in America to ever be built. Other top schools include Marquette University , Gonzaga University , and Boston University. International students will find themselves at home in these top universities. With a strong education, a diverse and intellectual student body as well as a curriculum based on multiple disciplines and the overall educational experience, international students can find true success in these top universities. In fact, Jesuit universities in America have a strong tradition of enrolling exceptional international students. These universities are committed to bringing the Jesuit education to international students so that they can seek to educate the world with their values of equality and service. To add to this, Jesuit universities are beginning an international outreach program to spread international education, teaching and learning. In addition, Jesuit universities in the USA are looking to create new collaborations with universities throughout the world.

Jesuit education is exceptional in many facets. The ability to put out tomorrows civic and religious leaders makes it an enticing potential for international students. Jesuit universities have recently gathered much interest throughout the academic community as a new Catholic Pope was recently elected. The new Pope is the first Jesuit Pope to be elected in centuries.

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