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US Presbyterian Colleges and Universities

The United States has a rich history of strong religious college institutions. Of these religious programs, Presbyterian universities and colleges are renowned for their quality education. There is a plethora of Presbyterian universities in the United States each with their own goals and missions that will appeal to international students.

Why a Presbyterian Education

One of Presbyterian college’s highest achievements is its graduation of many Rhodes scholars. These colleges boast as being one of the most affordable universities in the United States and offers great financial aid packages to both traditional and international students. In the classroom, Presbyterian class sizes average just 20 students per course, an opportunity for international students to get one-on-one relationships with their professors.

International Education at Presbyterian Colleges

Another huge accomplishment for Presbyterian universities is its focus on international education. Nearly 70% of graduating students leave with some type of study abroad experience.

Honor Code

These colleges also boast a very unique aspect of their education. They call it the Presbyterian Honor Code. With this honor code, students have the freedom to schedule their own exams while taking them anywhere they want. To make things even more honorable, students get to take the tests un-proctored. Each student signs the honor code their first semester when they enroll, which states that they cannot steal, cheat, or lie while enrolled. This unique aspect of university make Presbyterian universities an incredible academic experience for incoming international students who want strong academics, a thriving campus life, and a university that abides by the principles of the Presbyterian Church.

Inside & Outside the Classroom

At the same time, the student to faculty ratio of these universities is a whopping 11:1. Presbyterian colleges have a history of scholars throughout the years and continue to put out top graduates in their field. One other important aspect of Presbyterian colleges is there strong tradition of excellence in athletics. Presbyterian universities in America field teams in both women’s and men’s sports and have concurred multiple different national championships as members of the NCAA. These schools pride themselves on having incredible International programs representing international students. At Tulsa University, nearly 900 international students from 60 different nations enroll each year, making the student population very diverse and rich with international experience. In addition, Presbyterian colleges press their students to volunteer in the local community as it relishes its reputation as a university of servants always looking to advance and support their community.

Top Presbyterian Schools

One of the top Presbyterian universities in the United States and one of the best known schools is Davidson College. Davidson is a Presbyterian University located in Davidson, North Carolina just outside of Charlotte. The college enrolls about 2,000 students each year since its founding in 1837.

The University of Tulsa is a Private Presbyterian University located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. UT offers academic with bachelor’s, master’s and even doctoral degrees. UT was created in 1894 by the Presbyterian Church. It enrolls just over 4,000 students each year in its multitude of academic programs. UT has 109 academic programs in undergraduate and graduate studies, including an impressive 12 doctoral programs. Its average class size is just 19 students, adding to the benefits of this prestigious private school. These schools are some of the best in the nation, and international students will truly enjoy the academic and cultural experiences.

The final Presbyterian University worth noting is none other than Presbyterian College located in Clinton, South Carolina. Originally called Clinton College, Presbyterian was created in 1880 and boasts a strong honor code, a staple to the rich education of Presbyterian colleges and universities. Their honor code is built on trust, truth, respect and responsibility. Like other colleges, the honor code is signed as soon as you enroll. Students are allowed to take tests without proctors and schedule their own exams. Presbyterian has a slew of academic programs for international students and its Office of International Programs make international students feel right at home.

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